# The Heart Of Democracy - THE PARLIAMENT

The Austrian Parliament is the political center of the Republic of Austria. Located in the heart of Vienna, it is a perfect example of late 19th century architecture. The building locates both the National Council and the Federal Council. Visitors to Parliament can explore a variety of interesting locations. This also includes the plenary-hall of the National Council, where important debates and procedures take place. In addition, Leaders from Austria's provinces meet in the Federal Council Chamber to talk about new laws. In addition, visitors can admire the historic staircase, which displays works of art. A tour of the parliament also offers insights into the history and political process of Austria.

Decisions that influence the lives of Austrian citizens regularly take place in parliament, from the change of rules to national and international topics. It is an important part of Austrian democracy.

The history of this impressive building dates back to 1867, when Austria-Hungary became a constitutional monarchy. Construction of the Parliament was completed in the late 19th century and symbolized the rise of Austria as a modern nation. Over time, Parliament has seen many political changes, but it always stayed a democratic place. Today, it is a symbol of democracy and political belief.

Agora Exhibition: Additionally, guests at the Austrian Parliament have the opportunity to explore the Agora, an interactive exhibition area that provides information about Austrian democracy. In general, the Agora acts as a living stage in the Austrian Parliament and promotes openness, learning and public participation in the democratic process.

Luckily me and my classmates had the chance to take a guided tour through this interesting building, which reopened only recently after five years of modernization. We were accompanied by our teachers Mr. Novak and Ms. Koller.

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