# Our trip to Graz

Two weeks ago we went on a trip to Graz to see Banksy’s exhibition at the City Park art gallery. If you don't know who Banksy is, well he is a famous but unknown artist, who tries to send a political message with his graffiti and street art. To date, his identity remains undisclosed and he poses a riddle to art lovers just as much as to the ordinary citizen. The topics he seems to be passionate about comprise war and peace, the abuse of power, diversity and identity, and many more controversial issues. Banksy is supposed to be from Bristol, England, as this is the place where his first works of street art appeared in the 1990ies. The collection of reprints of his art work and the display of his projects were awesome, fun and astonishing. At Banksy’s exhibition we saw a glimpse of his amazing paintings, graffiti and sculptures.

After visiting the art gallery we went into the old city of Graz and we climbed the Schlossberg with its famous clock tower. Some of our classmates bought and ate some ice cream and some didn't due to them fasting. The old city of Graz was really pretty and beautiful just like the girls over there. In general the people in Graz were ever so helpful and nice, and we would have liked to spend a few days there. Maybe next time!

Fares Abd El Majid

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