# Foreign language competition 2024

The 2024 Foreign Language Competition, hosted by the school board of Vienna, occurred on February 28th. It featured Vienna's top students in English, French, Spanish, and Italian, who engaged in friendly rivalry, gaining valuable experience and recognition. Participants from various vocational schools gathered to celebrate language diversity, demonstrating their skills through discussions, speeches, and dialogues. The competition assessed participants' monologue/dialogue production, conversational proficiency, and mediation abilities. Two pupils of the technical college HTL Wien West from the ETELTI and IT department took part in the English competition, one candidate for B2 level (Liam SKAL, 5AHET) and one candidate for B1 level (Vincent Joaquin MAGBOJOS; 2BFITN).

Both candidates expressed that participating in the competition was a remarkable experience, thoroughly enjoying the challenge and the chance to interact with students from different educational backgrounds. Additionally, they found the experience beneficial for their future oral exams. Overall, both Liam and Vincent regarded the event as excellent and outstanding!

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