# English theatre school tours 2022

“The clock is ticking. I can hear it counting down the hours, the minutes and the seconds. The sound is the cracking of ice. It’s the wind blowing across the desert. It’s the sound of a river drying up. It’s the sound of death. I know it still could be stopped. All it would take is a word, an action...”

The play On the brink by Sean Aita, a modern version of Sophocles’ drama Antigone, starts AND ends with these words, which strongly indicates the main theme of the play, namely climate change.

The play is set in the fictional Republic of Trusavia. The CEO of the Nanrod oil company and his niece, Tiggy, are the main characters of the play. They launch a new and very promising community programme, which then turns out to be a marketing strategy in order to deflect the attention from their exploitative operations in the fossil fuel branch. In the course of the play Tiggy’s attitude radically changes as she becomes an ardent opponent of fossil fuels. The end of the play is rather shocking, which can be interpreted as a strong warning towards the audience that if we do not act and try to stop climate change now, it could be too late.

We very much enjoyed this fiery, powerful and poignant performance and look forward to next year’s play of school tours


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