# FM4 – you’re at home, baby!

In May 2023, our class, the 3AHIT (department of information technology), our form teacher, Mr Zehetner, as well as our English teacher, Ms Peltzer, visited the ORF studios, more precisely the FM4 radio station, a bilingual (German/English), culture-based station with a young, progressive and alternative audience.

We got to see the audio studios of FM4 and we also met the all-time favourite host, Conny LEE, who took us into the world of a radio show host. While we were visiting her, she was still on air with the FM4 show You’re at home, baby! It was quite astonishing to see how a live show is being held!

After having seen the FM4 working place, we also took a look at various ORF studios, which was quite intriguing, too. All in all it was a marvelous and superb excursion that we all enjoyed very much. Check out the extract from the live show with Ms Lee, in which our class is being mentioned!

By Nikola MAKINE and Antonio FURUNDJIJA (3AHIT)

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