# Work Placement Ireland - sponsored by Erasmus+

From June 25th to July 10th our teachers Ms Sigrid Gruber and Ms Lucia Fuchs took me and 18 other students to Ireland for a work placement. We all stayed in the area of Waterford and Kilkenny. I had the chance for an internship in the lovely city of Waterford. During my time there, my primary focus was designing and helping out with social media. While there, I experienced a warm and welcoming environment. I had the chance to use my skills to help my workplace with various projects. Beyond the workplace, I immersed myself in the rich culture and history of Waterford. Interacting with locals and experiencing the Irish way of life added to an interesting stay. In a nutshell, my internship in Waterford was a transformative experience, both professionally and personally. It broadened my horizons and provided lasting memories, leaving a positive impact on my career journey.

by Ruben Müllauer

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