English Theatre – “The Children” (ETELTI 4AHEL & 4AHET)

On the 14th of October students of 4AHEL and 4AHET went to the English Theatre in the 8th district of Vienna.

The play we watched was called “The Children”, directed by Adrienne Ferguson. It´s about Hazel and Robin, who are a couple and retired nuclear engineers. Robin is a farmer and Hazel loves practising yoga. One day Rose, an old friend, suddenly turns up at their door after decades of absence, her motives are unclear at first. Later on it turns out that she wants them to support her at the nuclear power station located nearby, where a core meltdown had occurred only some time before. In the beginning they aren’t interested for many different reasons but later on they agree because they owe it to the children.

I highly recommend watching the play if you are interested in a well written plot and a good cast, and also if you care about our future on this planet!

Written by Gerald Allram, 4AHET