Our Language Week In Oxford And London

My name is Ahmet Yildirim and I have just spent one week in England on a school trip. There, I completed a one-week English course in Wheatley/Oxford and now I am writing about my experience.

My overall experience can be described as great. I was able to apply my English knowledge, that I had been taught in school by Ms.Koller. The people in England were also very kind and welcoming. The host family provided a shelter for us students and treated us well and kindly. Since we were hosted by an English family, we had to speak English the whole time, which improved our language skills.

There are a lot of benefits in having a language week in a foreign country. For example, as I already mentioned you have to speak with your host family solely in English. The same goes for the free time we spent outside of our host family’s home. We also heard people around us talk in English, which improved our listening skills as well, and we got involved in lots of conversations with local people.

In addition, we had the opportunity to do some sightseeing in Oxford, where we saw some of the 38 colleges and the famous libraries, and we went punting on the river. Our trip ended in London, where we had a guided tour passing most of the famous sights, including the Tower and Tower Bridge, and we spent an evening out in Covent Garden and Leicester Square.

So, to all our readers I would wholeheartedly recommend to also go on a language week in Oxford like we did. If you are students at our school, you should talk to your teachers about such a trip. My English has improved quite a lot by simply putting into practice what I had learned in my English classes over these past few years. I’m sure all of you would benefit from an experience like that.

In conclusion, if you guys really want to consolidate your English speaking and understanding skills you definitely need to plan a language week. The best way of learning is by having fun as well!

Writen by Ahmet Yildirim, 5AHET

Photos by Mohiuddin Noor, 5AHEL