Foreign language competition 2019 – ETELTI and Mechanical engineering departments

On the 12th of March two pupils of the technical college HTL Wien West from the ETELTI and mechanical engineering department took part in this year’s language competition at Schloss Hetzendorf. Vienna’s best students of the foreign languages English, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian competed against each other and gained both lots of experience and appreciation.

Julian Leidolt, a student of the class 4AHEL (ETELTI department), says that “overall, the language competition was a great experience. Even though it was a competition, the other contestants were very friendly and great to talk to. I will be hoping to participate again next year!“

Andreas Karrer, who attends the 2AFMEG (mechanical engineering department), states the following:

“The English competition was very interesting and also really hard because I was competing with students really good at English. They came from many Viennese schools. The rounds were developing in groups of two. The names of the students were picked randomly in order to go to a separate room with two judges. Then it was my turn to start my round with a Croatian girl. We had to pick one card, which showed two pictures, and we had two minutes to take notes, analyse both the pictures and the questions they gave to us. After these two minutes I had to discuss these pictures with the other student and answer the related questions. Actually, we did it really well: I was quite good and the other student too. I think it was a really good experience for me because you can learn a lot from other languages like Spanish and French.”

Julian and Andreas, thanks for participating and representing the HTL Wien West and congratulations on your results!


Pictures and copyrights:

picture 1: HTL
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Julian Leidolt (4AHEL, second from left) and Andreas Karrer (2AFMEG, second from right) were supported by their teachers Mag.a Simone Widhalm (left) and MMag.a Carina Lienhart (right)

picture 2: English BHS
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picture 3: English BMS
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